New Neural Networks, Self-compassion & the Gift of Mentorship

Well, the flowering season is surely upon us and, with it, many reminders of the natural biological and energetic processes we are all subject to when it comes to metabolizing change and beginning to lay down the new neural networks of integration.  These sweet little wren fledglings drove this home to me as, after 12

Navigating a Tectonic Plate Shift: Body & Sensory Resources for Shifting Ground

As I bore witness to and experienced within my own being the events of last week’s election and the days following it, the archetypes that surfaced for me within this collective happening were those of stillbirth and what I have historically termed a “tectonic plate shift” or, more simply, an earthquake.  As with any significant

The Inner Landscape

As we follow the thread of our soul-life through its own unique evolutionary pattern, we begin to find that different periods of growth often bring inner exploration and excavation within new physical landscapes.  For example, we may spend several weeks, months, or even years working within a forest motif internally only to find ourselves thrust