We root the foundation of our work in a co-creative, responsive and embodied approach that seeks to include and honor the whole of YOU – body, mind & soul.


At our very nature, we are all creative beings.

Harmful messages delivered earlier in your life by others who may have felt frustrated, insecure, or paralyzed in their own ability to create, may have led you to believe that you are not capable of creating a different life for yourself now. This sense of feeling stuck, trapped or frozen in your own creative process can lead to an experience of complex and, at times, overwhelming emotions that may include anger, rage, anxiety, panic, despair, hopelessness, and/or depression.

The reality is that creativity is as much a birthright as breathing. Given a safe enough environment in which a sense of curiosity can be rediscovered and your natural strengths, learning styles and intelligences, witnessed and encouraged, you can begin to reconnect with and trust the immutable stages of creative process in your own life. As you deepen your understanding of these stages and honor their sequential flow, you discover how to better use them in the service and support of your goals and dreams.


Each of us has a body through which we navigate and experience the physical world.

In childhood, you likely intuitively knew how to connect with your body in ways that allowed you to feel and express its strength, joy and fluidity. However, this connection may feel like it got lost in the shuffle of growing up and assuming the responsibilities of adult hood as life’s disappointments, losses, and traumas began to add up and take their toll on your overall well-being.

Any journey to restore and reclaim a lasting sense of connection to yourself and the world around you must, by its very nature, include a return to the body – ideally, in small, incremental steps that honor the particular rhythm and pacing of your unique being. When the body becomes a less frightening and burdensome place to live, spontaneity, flexibility, and playfulness re-emerge, freeing your natural resiliency, creative flow, and potential.

Soul-Based Tools

Many cultural and spiritual traditions across the globe share an understanding of the inherent consciousness in all living things.

When you open to connecting with this consciousness through mindful awareness and respectful engagement, whether it be through the messages and meanings of the plant and animal worlds, the symbols and metaphors of mandalas and dream states, or the deep regulating rhythms and vibrations of breath, voice, and heart, so much more becomes available to you in terms of universal wisdom and guidance and you begin to realize on a core level that you are not so alone.

Also from some of these cultures and traditions comes the concept of “soul loss” as a natural, human response to trauma.  Soul loss refers to the idea that certain aspects of your being, often termed “soul essences”, separate off during experiences of psychological, emotional, and/or physical trauma in an effort to preserve the gifts of these particular aspects until you are in a place that is safe enough for them to return via ‘soul retrieval’. As these aspects re-integrate into your being, you begin to experience a return of the gifts they preserved, including shifts in your overall sense of vitality, “voice”, “spine”, and wellness.

For those interested in shamanic healing services, specifically, both soul retrievals and extractions are available.