Soul-based Tools

Many cultural and spiritual traditions across the globe share an understanding of the inherent consciousness in all living things.

When you open to connecting with this consciousness through mindful awareness and respectful engagement, whether it be through the messages and meanings of the plant and animal worlds, the symbols and metaphors of mandalas and dream states, or the deep regulating rhythms of the breath, voice, and heart, so much more becomes available to you in terms of universal wisdom and guidance and you begin to realize on a core level that you are not so alone.

Also from some of these cultures and traditions comes the concept of “soul loss” as a natural, human response to trauma.  Soul loss refers to the idea that certain aspects of your being, often termed “soul essences”, separate off during experiences of psychological, emotional, and/or physical trauma in an effort to preserve the gifts of these particular aspects until you are in a place that is safe enough for them to return via ‘soul retrieval’. As these aspects re-integrate into your being, you begin to experience a return of the gifts they preserved, including shifts in your overall sense of vitality, “voice”, “spine”, and wellness.

For those interested in shamanic healing services, specifically, both soul retrievals and extractions are available.

Written by

Heather Davies, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, supervisor, and workshop facilitator in Austin, TX, who weaves together the principles of embodiment, creativity, and soul-based tools and wisdom in the service of individual and global evolution and wellness.