Each of us has a body through which we navigate and experience the physical world.

In childhood, you likely intuitively knew how to connect with your body in ways that allowed you to feel and express its strength, joy and fluidity. However, this connection may feel like it got lost in the shuffle of growing up and assuming the responsibilities of adult hood as life’s disappointments, losses, and traumas began to add up and take their toll on your overall well-being.

Any journey to restore and reclaim a lasting sense of connection to yourself and the world around you must, by its very nature, include a return to the body – ideally, in small, incremental steps that honor the particular rhythm and pacing of your unique being. When the body becomes a less frightening and burdensome place to live, spontaneity, flexibility, and playfulness re-emerge, freeing your natural resiliency, creative flow, and potential.

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Heather Davies, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, supervisor, and workshop facilitator in Austin, TX, who weaves together the principles of embodiment, creativity, and soul-based tools and wisdom in the service of individual and global evolution and wellness.