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These workshops are offered through Heather’s related practice, Sea Wynd – Shamanic Coaching, Ritual & Ceremony.  For more information on Sea Wynd services and offerings, please click here.

2018 Upcoming Opportunities for Personal Exploration and Discovery

Listen deeply.  Explore freely.  Express authentically.  Respond consciously.


“Turning Towards Bison Medicine” – A Camping Soul Adventure

Well, it appears that the time has come again for another group camping soul adventure – this time up north to the Texas panhandle and the majestic Caprock Canyon which also happens to be the home of the Texas State bison herd.  Can you hear the bison calling?  If so, keep reading because this trip may be for you!

Of the two primary canyons in north Texas, Palo Duro and Caprock, I find myself returning to Caprock again and again for its echoes that reverberate the gifts and holding of the Deep Feminine.  Long ago the stomping grounds of mammoths, the ancestral resonances there strike to our very DNA, coursing through bones and blood and connecting us to the Ancients in a way that few places can.  More recently the territory of wild bison, the current herd on-site is one of the last remaining free-roaming herds in the U.S. With the bison’s medicine related to grounding, interdependence, reciprocity, abundance and balance, what a better time to be in relationship with their energy and all that the canyon and park have to offer than at the Autumnal Equinox  and heading into September’s full moon.

In the spirit of interdependence, we will form our own traveling ecosystem for the weekend, caravanning from the Healing House on Thursday morning and working to collectively ensure that the group’s campsite, tent and food needs are met with each contributing from the place of their own gifts and areas of interest as the weekend evolves.  This being said, there will be plenty of space for individual exploration, reflection, rest and/or play interspersed with opportunities for group hikes, swimming, meals, reflection/processing and journeying with the drum.

No prior camping experience is required.  Specifics about the weekend are as follows:

When: Thurs., 9/20/18 (group departure at 9:00am) – Sun., 9/23/18 (estimated return by 6:00pm)

Where: Caprock Canyon State Park, Quitaque, TX (meet at The Healing House, 701 Morrow St., Austin, TX, 78752 for departure)

Investment: $250 – A $100 deposit paid by 9/10/18 reserves your spot.  Cash, checks or credit cards all welcome.

Questions or to register: Please drop me an e-mail at or call me at (512) 560-7294.

Space is limited to 6 participants.


Opening to the Ancestors – Fall Series

The ancestral realm can hold so much for us, both in terms of resources of connection and community through time as well as needed information and allied support in transmuting old stuck patterns from generations past that we may find ourselves bumping up against in the dynamics and physiology of our present.  However, with the myths of separation and disconnection woven through the dominant narrative of colonization over centuries, there is much in terms of lost knowledge and wisdom as well as blocks to self-permission that often stand in the way of folks being able to access and integrate these connections into their daily lives.

It is probably the most frequent lament that I hear from folks across the board – a longing and resonance to connect with the ancestors coupled with a sense of hopelessness and grief born of either not knowing how to begin or feeling like the abuse, neglect and trauma of the currently or most recently embodied generation is too great to allow a turning towards the deeper lineage lines.

With this in mind, this 6-session closed group held over a period of 12-weeks is designed to support you through experiential explorations and verbal processing in beginning and/or deepening your journey of opening to and walking with the ancestors.   Some of the exploratory themes will include looking at your relationship to the word/concept of ‘ancestor,’ the death culture of the family you grew up with/in, your current relationship to the life/death/life cycle, and reciprocity within ancestral connections.

When: 6 Tuesdays (9/11, 9/25, 10/9, 10/23, 11/6, & 11/27) from 6:30-8:30 pm

Where: The Healing House – 701 Morrow St., 78752

Investment: $260 (payable in installments, if needed)

Group size limited to 6.  Pre-registration required to save your spot.  If interested, please contact me at (512) 560-7294 or


The Moving Soul

Come take a musical journey around the globe that invites you into a deeper conscious connection with your body and the internal rhythms that, though often more subtle than the dominant cognitive narrative, are just as img_1109important, if not moreso, in sussing out needs, longings, emotional impact, nourishment and satisfaction at depth. Each monthly exploration includes a 35 minute multi-cultural rhythmic adventure that traces the arc of Gabrielle Roth’s five core life rhythms including flow, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness.

This exploration is also supported by gentle periodic facilitation based on what is emerging authentically for those involved in the group experience. Ample time for transition out of this deeper, right-brain space is also provided as well as opportunity for more verbal tracking and witnessing before bringing things to a close. Emphasis during The Moving Soul is on each participant staying connected and true to their authentic experience, needs and curiosity in an embodied way within the group movement context. No need to RSVP – feel free to just show up and participate!

When: TBD

Investment: $15 per session


Sound & Rhythm Lab

Come play with the resources of sound and rhythm as we incorporate the use of drums and other percussion instruments, humming and toning, and connection with our own bodies to explore and further access our capacity to restore ourselves at depth.  Amedicine drumbsolutely no musical or vocal experience or skill is needed…just a heartbeat and a curiosity about the possibilities inherent in your own body and being.  Lots of instruments will be available though you are welcome to bring your own if you feel moved to do so. No need to RSVP – feel free to just show up and participate!

When: TBD

Investment: $15 per session