If you find that large amounts of your time and energy are spent providing protection, nourishment, advocacy, and/or healing for others, be they children, parents, partners, other family members, marginalized populations, Nature and/or clients/patients, then you know how easy it can be for your needs to fall by the wayside. You are so often the one who is supposed to solve the problems, have the answers, be the “voice” for others, hold everyone else’s pain and disappointments, hold everything together. Where do you find the space to sort out what you actually need and then figure out how to ask for and receive that?

Each of these roles ask you to offer up key parts of yourself in the service of another’s healing, survival and/or thriving. As a result, they require strength, courage, endurance, and, to be effective for the long-haul, support. We welcome the opportunity to co-create an environment with you that supports your deepest nourishment, rest, and creativity and allows you to truly thrive even as you do the challenging and important work that is yours to do in the world.