As a psychotherapist, consultant, and workshop facilitator who is passionate about holistic approaches to health promotion and personal transformation, I created Phoenix Thriving in 2011 as a private psychotherapy practice in Austin, TX.   My mission since then has been to help folks achieve a greater state of wellness and thriving through the skilled use of embodiment practices, creative expression, and soul-based tools.  My areas of specialization include trauma, creative process, high neurological/energetic sensitivity, and LGBTQ (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer) issues.

Practice Philosophy

Opportunities for growth and transformation abound when you find the courage to turn towards your soul path and your creative potential, daring to take steps out of the day-to-day routine of survival towards a richer experience of thriving.  Saying “yes” to this journey often involves learning how to say “yes” to you… “Yes” to the fragments and parts of you lost along the way as you made your way through childhood and into adulthood… “Yes” to your needs… “Yes” to the deeper longings that stir within your being.  While not for the faint of heart, this is a path that offers the rich rewards of a greater sense of wholeness, an embodied experience of increased efficacy and empowerment in the external world, and deeper, more nourishing connections with yourself and others.

Accompanying you as a support, witness, and guide along this path of unfoldment is what I am truly passionate about.  To me, all soul work is sacred work and I am deeply committed to honoring your pace as we work together to help you integrate the insights and experiences of the mental, emotional, physical, and soul realms towards lasting change and your personal evolution.  The tools at our disposal are many and varied and are adapted and incorporated into our work together based on what works best for you.  These tools may include:

  • Body-based techniques like REMAP and Brainspotting that help “un-stick” old traumatic material that may be getting in the way of present-moment effectiveness;
  • Other “right-brain” modalities including mandalas, sand tray and body sculpting that offer a fresh perspective on events and experiences and often liberate creative solutions and resources;
  • Sensory-motor support to help feed and nourish the nervous system and provide a greater sense of physiological grounding; and/or
  • Soul retrievals and shamanic extractions to free up energies restricted on the  soul level.

I offer a free 15-20 minute phone consultation and encourage you to contact me with any questions or curiosities you have about this work and how it might serve you and your unique path.

Please contact me at (512) 560-7294 or to schedule your free phone consultation.


My passion for the evolution and well-being of the soul first took root over a decade ago as a Volunteer Coordinator at a local Unity church, through which I completed my pre-ministerial coursework and became utterly fascinated with the archetypal and metaphorical language and imagery of the soul’s journey. 

After three years of immersion in this world, my path diverged and took me in the direction of Social Work where I had the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the psychological and emotional realms through a social justice context.  Over the years since then, I have been honored to work for both Waterloo Counseling Center and UT Austin’s Counseling and Mental Health Center in varying capacities including individual, relationship, and group psychotherapist; campus and community trainer; and Adjunct Professor.

Additionally, I have also had the privilege of facilitating experiential trainings and workshops on the use of the body, creative expression, and mindfulness to explore gender identity, the post-trauma restorative process, clinical work, and self-care on the local, state, and national levels.

For the past seven years, my exploration of body- and soul-based tools has continued through regular individual and group study and consultation to deepen my knowledge and personal embodied understanding within two areas of specialization:  shamanic practice/soul-based tools and Dance Movement Therapy/right-brain modalities.   As part of this exploration, I am also currently engaged in a course of study towards certification as a Dance Movement Therapist (DMT) through the American Dance Therapy Association.  Additionally, I received special training to become an approved facilitator of the HealthRHYTHMS drumming protocol.  Regarding my path as a Shamanic Practitioner, a very wise friend of mine once explained that the various shamanic approaches throughout the world are of the same tree but represent different roots.  The root through which I come to this work is the Celtic with several lineages in my genetic history hailing from Wales and Scotland.  That being said, my teachers have come through their own paths connected to various Native North, Central and South American traditions and I feel privileged to have gotten to experience just a sampling of the frameworks and medicine that travel through these roots, as well. 

I extend my deepest gratitude to all of my teachers in the various fields and specializations who  have played such an important and integral role in helping me return to myself and my gifts while anchoring them firmly but flexibly in the physical world.  These teachers include: Kalila Homann, Elizabeth Quigg, Nanine Ewing, Karen Hutchins, Lucy Griffith, Liz Garcia Diana, James Heath, Edwin Tamayo, Julie Nathanielsz, Ana do Valle, Christine Stevens, Daniela Arcuri and Amber Gray. 

As a final note, in March of 2017, I left a quarter-time position as Clinical Partner, Supervision and Training, with Capital Area Counseling, that I had held for 4 1/2 years.  This position allowed me the honor of supporting counseling and social work interns and newly licensed clinicians in further developing their psychotherapy skills. It also included an opportunity to facilitate a weekly therapeutic dance/movement group for the artists with disabilities at Imagine Art.  Additionally, I am also currently privileged to facilitate a therapeutic dance/movement group for elders with Alzheimers through Meals on Wheels and More’s Mike’s Place caregiver respite program.

Services Available

Individual, Relationship & Group Psychotherapy

Soul Retrieval & Shamanic Extraction                                                                                                                                                                                

Individual & Group Consultation for Clinicians

“Engaging the Flow” Workshops

Clinical CEU Workshops

Professional Affiliations

American Dance Therapy Association

Austin in Connection

HealthRHYTHMS – Trained Facilitator