Individual psychotherapy can be a wonderful option if you are looking for one-to-one support, encouragement, challenge and/or guidance.  You bring your expertise in your own life and I bring my expertise in the change process.  Together, we begin to unfold what isn’t working for you in your life and create space for other options and opportunities.

The process begins with a phone conversation to help us understand a little bit about what is bringing you to therapy and determine initial “fit” on the phone.  Your initial appointment will be a 50-minute consultation that allows me to gain some more background information about you and your life presently and gives us both a chance to see how the “fit” feels in the room together.  If we both decide to move forward with ongoing therapy, you can expect the next several sessions to include continued curiosity from me regarding your history from a holistic perspective that will enable me to better assess the various influences, strengths, and growth edges that may be contributing to your current situation.  I will also support you during this period in setting goals for our work together.    

As our relationship develops, I may begin to introduce other body-based or soul-based tools to augment the talk therapy process and enable you to work at a deeper integrative level that supports lasting change.  These tools are unique to your individual pace and process and will be suggested or introduced based on your particular needs and situation.  For more information about my individual therapeutic philosophy, please click here:  Heather’s theoretical framework and philosophy

You can expect individual sessions to last 50 minutes with the last 5-10 minutes of the hour utilized to jot down some themes and thoughts to consider from the session that you can take with you.  This can be helpful to reflect upon between sessions as much of the change process depends on what you actively do with the material discussed and/or experienced once you leave the office.  Payment, receipts, and scheduling for the next session typically occur during this time, as well.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of individual psychotherapy, please contact me at (512) 560-7249 or to schedule a free phone consultation.