2013 New Year’s Omen Walk

One of Heather’s favorite Celtic traditions is that of the New Year’s Omen Walk…a walk entered into in conscious communion with the natural world which lays the foundational framework of guidance and support for the year’s journey stretching out before you.

The walk is a wonderful way to cultivate a deeper connection with and trust of your own intuition and of the natural world in which we all live and participate. It involves a brief opening meditation followed by a trail journey in which you invite twelve omens to make themselves known to you as guidance for each of the months of the coming year. As you “read” the omens, your intuition helps you to unfold the unique meaning and message behind each one.

We will start and end the experience in community – laying the framework at the beginning and sharing highlights and insights gleaned as desired at the end.  Active support will be available, as needed, to move through fear, doubt, and/or “freeze” blocks, should they arise.

So grab your cold weather gear (at least by Austin standards) and say “Yes!” to your playfully creative self for 2013…come join us on the Omen Walk!

Here are the details:

Date/Time: Sat., 1/19, 12:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Location: McKinney Roughs Nature Park
1884 Hwy 71 West, Cedar Creek, TX
*Meet up outside the Visitors Center

Fee: $35 (includes trail fee) – Cash or check

What to Wear: Dress in layers in accordance with the weather forecast for that day; Include sturdy, comfortable shoes suitable for trail walking.

What to Bring: Small bag or backpack that includes a water bottle, journal with something to write or draw with, cell phone (for safety purposes), and a small snack for the trail.

Please fill out the contact form below for more information or to RSVP for this year’s Omen Walk!