Intimate relationships offer the promise and potential of many wonderful gifts including love, support, connection, sexual and erotic fulfillment, and friendship.  They also require considerable work in terms of communication, personal accountability, and nurturance.  Whether your primary relationship takes the form of a couple or includes several relational bonds in a more complex polyamorous system, relationship therapy can equip you and your partner(s) with the tools and support to:

  • Improve communication skills so that you are able to more consistently say what you mean and hear what’s actually being said;
  • Understand the ways in which past traumas and unmet needs from childhood are currently playing out in your relationship(s);
  • Take responsibility for your emotional triggers;
  • Deepen the “felt sense” and expression of emotional and sexual intimacy between you; and
  • Infuse your relationship(s) with a greater sense of playfulness, spontaneity, and creativity.

The relationship therapy process begins with a complimentary phone consultation between your therapist and each partner (arranged at each partner’s convenience), followed by a 50-minute in-person initial consultation to allow everyone to see how the preliminary “fit” feels in the room and for your therapist to develop a greater understanding of the issues presenting themselves in the context of your relationship.  If all concerned decide to move forward with the therapeutic relationship, you and your therapist will then work collaboratively to determine a frequency and approach that fits best for your particular situation.

*Please note that relationship therapy through Phoenix Thriving is currently only available with Heather.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of relationship psychotherapy, please contact us to schedule a free phone consultation.