Welcome to Phoenix Thriving, PLLC, a private psychotherapy practice in Austin, Texas!  Phoenix Thriving evolved out of a hunger I experienced within both myself and my clients for an approach to wellness that incorporated the whole person – mind, heart, body, and soul. The combination of the resilient life-death-rebirth cycle of the mythical phoenix coupled with a focus on thriving, rather than just surviving, truly captures the spirit of this Practice and my belief in the creative potential within each  person that enters this space.

The underpinning of the work done by all of us here at Phoenix Thriving starts with a foundation in the latest neurobiology research about the brain, attachment, and trauma. To this, we add body-based approaches that honor the intelligence and unique perspective of the body, enlisting it as partner and ally in the change process. Finally, we weave in the language and landscape of the soul’s journey and…Wahlah!…Deep, sustained, integrative change!

I thank you for visiting our site and hope that you will take some time to explore and see if there’s something here that feeds and nourishes your being!

Yours in the unfolding journey,
Heather Davies, LCSW
Founder, Phoenix Thriving, PLLC